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Beginner lesson level 1 (3 hrs)

Get ready for the arctic experience. This package includes everything you need for a good session both in and out of the water. Our wetsuits fit well and will keep you warm. We go through some surf theory and water safety tips on the beach. Out in the water you will learn everything from entering the water, catching waves, pop-up and action on wipe out. After a good session in the waves, the sauna will be hot and ready for you.

Only available during high season.

Level: 1

Instructor/ student ratio 1:6

Price: 1.795 NOK per person

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Semi private group coaching (3 hrs)

This is perfect for a couple or family who wants the best of the best. Your own surf instructor would focus on your surfing goals either you are an experience surfer or if this is your first time. All needed equipment is included as well as coffee and cinnamon bun. Don't forget to enjoy some time in the sauna after the surf.

Level: 1 - 3

Instructor/student ratio: 1:2-4

Price: 2.195 NOK per person

For group bookings only.

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Private surf coaching (2 hrs)

Whether you are a beginner who wants to try surfing for the first time or an experienced surfer who wants to advance to the next level, a private surf lesson at Unstad would be the right choice. All needed equipment is included as well as coffee and cinnamon bun. Don't forget to enjoy some time in the sauna after the surf.

Level: 1 - 3

Instructor/student ratio: 1:1

Price: 5990 NOK per person

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2 Day surf coaching

Perfect setup for surfers who wants a tailor made surfing program. Our 2 day surf coaching will focus on your goals in surfing and take your surfing to another level. Please be sure to try out some of our high quality, world class surfboards.

Level: 1 - 3

Sessions: 3x coaching session.

Instructor/student ratio: 1:3

Price: 5.990,- NOK

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What is included?

  • Top range surf equipment from the worlds best suppliers
  • Complimentary hot/cold beverages and snack
  • Wardrobe, lockers and showers
  • After-surf sauna
  • Surf theory and safety awareness
  • Surf the best surf spots for your surfing level
  • Towels


  • Hot tub
  • Transfer to/from airport
  • Meals

UAS Surf Levels

Level 1

This level is for total beginners/first timers or those who have tried surfing only a few times and want to refresh the basics but very important foundations for next levels.

You will be surfing on the white water waves or tiny small green waves. Lesson will be given in waist water level all the time so you will be able to touch with your feet in the bottom unless you want to challenge yourself.

You will start to learn from how to entry/exit safely into the water; learn basic safety skills and the level 1  risk assesment; how to choose and catch waves on your own , how to break the speed, stop and accelerate on your board. You will also learn to stand up and ride the waves with control and a good surfing stance.  The lesson will give you the skills of basic turning technique and  how to move your feet on the board which  will enable you to learn the advancedturn.  This will lead you to perform nice good looking but functional turns in the future.

The surf coach/student ratio in thislevel is 6 students per 1 surf coach.


Level 2

This level is for surfers who can already stand up and ride the white water waves  consistenly with control and can turn left and right in the white water. It is for first timers on green unbroken waves or those who have already been surfing for a while in the lineup  but they are not independent  yet. Your surf coach  will always be in the water to assist you in any situation with some push-ins if needed.

You will be surfing  out the back in the lineup in deeper water focusing on catching easy green/unbroken waves. The size of the waves will be between waist to chest height.

You will start from learning how to paddle out safely, the surfing etiquette and the level 2 safety skills and risk assesment. You will learn how to position yourself in the lineup, choose, predict, time and catch green/unbroken wavesand ride them right and/or left. You will also learn few more advanced take off techniques and how to get basic speed down the line until you  become independent.

Thesurf coach/student ratio in this level is 3 students per 1 surf coach.

Level 3

This level is for surfers who are already fully independent surfers. They are already able to catch and ride green/unbroken waves towards theleft/right and get speed down the line with no assistance from a surf coach. The size of the waves they are able to catch by themselves  are minimum waist to chest height waves. The surf coach sometimes will be in the water but most of the coaching is done by soloshot/videoanalysis which is the most effective way to become a better surfer. This will depend your level of surfing within this level.

You will be surfing  out the back in the lineup  between chest to head height waves, beach breaks and pointbreaks.

Your surf coach will start by scanning your weakest and strongest points so he  will be able to create a individualized program catered to your needs, level and goals. You could start from refining and polishing some of the level 2 important techniques  like positioning, safety skills, or gettingbetter speed down the line to go faster and learning how to do your own level 3 risk assesment. Once you are able to do what we mentioned right above; we will teach you how to perform some basic but cool manouevers like cutbacks ,floaters and starting to perform a functional bottom turn wich will lead you todo some basic top turns.

The surf coach/student ratio in this level is 4 students per 1 surf coach.


Surf Coaching at Unstad

Learn to be a better surfer during your stay at Unstad with our proven surf coaching system. Our mission is to deliver a unique, fun and unforgettable surf coaching experience with exceptional attention to service, pedagogy and safety.

We really want to see our guests achieve their surfing dreams, getting confident in the ocean and of course, having FUN!

Safety is our first priority. Tommy Olsen (one of the owners) has been working as a paramedic for over 20 years and he has been surfing for more than 25 years. Combining this experience and knowledge with our professional/qualified surf coaches hasenabled us to deliver our service in the most safe possible enviroment. We do our best for you to be and feel safe throughout your surfingexperience. Thanks to Tommys ambition to keep improving, we practice and update ocean safety and rescue skills as often as possible.

Over the years of experience we have developed a unique surf coaching system that will take our guests from total beginner to good intermediate surfers being able to perform some basic but cool functional manoeuvres with control in 3 levels of surfing without excluding the fun. Surfing is hard but no worries, we have broken down surfing into a network of specific but simple skills that applying them step by step and one after the other will enable you to accelerate your surfing progress and take your surfing rapidly to the next level.

We keep the groups smaller than the ISA(International Surfing Association) standard, allowing us to give you a customized surf experience .All of our surf lessons are conducted by professional surf coaches with many years of experience both teaching and coaching all ages and skill levels. They are all ISA certified instructors and first aid/CPR certified, and as professional watermen and -women, each provides unrivaled, quality instruction. Our surf coaches will make sure you have a productive time in the water. For us , a productive time in the water means that you will improve, learn, and become independent on your own level of surfing. Of course, all of this while being safe and having LOADS of FUN!

Kids are more than welcome too. When we teach kids to surf, we play! We play with the ocean teaching them how to respect it and play with it. We understand that every kid is different therefore we adapt teaching them differently. Our goal is to make it as fun as possible. The best gift we can get is seeing your kid with a big smile getting comfortable in the ocean gaining self-confidence, strenght and of course, riding their own waves

We base our surf coaching on your level of surfing. Our surf coaching is divided into 3 levels.