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 surf coaching at unstad

Learn to be a better surfer during your stay at Unstad. Our proven training method guarantees success. With a step-by-step surf skill progression, taught by professional instructors you will be riding waves on your own in no time. Our mission is to provide a positive and meaningful experience to all clients with the highest standards of service, integrity and quality.

We base our surf coaching on your level of surfing. Our surf coaching is divided into 3 levels.

All of our surf lessons are conducted by professional surf instructors with many years of experience both teaching and coaching all ages and skill levels. Our staff consists of certified instructors of the international surfing association (ISA). They are all first aid and CPR certified, and as professional watermen and -women, each provides unrivaled, quality instruction.



Learn to surf in one easy lesson. The level one is for first timers or those who have tried surfing only a few times. Focusing on catching waves in white water, paddling, pop up techniques, water safety and having fun.


Surfers on level two will be focusing on catching green and unbroken waves. Your instructor will guide you through safely getting in and out from the lineup, board speed and surf etiquette. Your surf instructor will always be in the water to assist you in any situation.


Get comfortable in head high waves. In our level three program you will be focusing on: improving your positioning, speed, stance and bottom turn. A lot of the coaching is done by Soloshoot or video. This is probably the most effective way to become a better surfer.


Beginner lessson level 1 (3 hrs)

Get ready for the arctic experience. This package includes everything you need for a good session both in and out of the water. Our wetsuits fit well and will keep you warm. We go through some surf theory and water safety tips on the beach. Out in the water you will learn everything from entering the water, catching waves, pop-up and action on wipe out. After a good session in the waves, the sauna will be hot and ready you.

Only available during high season or for groups.

Level: 1

Instructor/ student ratio 1:6

Price: 1.195 NOK per person

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This is the packages for a small group with their own private instructor. Less people means more time for you and your friends. Includes everything you need for a good session both in and out of the water. Select from a wide quiver of board sizes and shapes. Our wetsuits fit well and will keep you warm and fresh. Enjoy your own private sauna after the surf.

Level: 1 - 3

Instructor/student ratio: 1:4-6

Price: 1.595 NOK per person

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semi private group coaching (3 hrs)

This is perfect for a couple or family who wants the best of the best. Your own surf instructor would focus on your surfing goals either you are an experience surfer or if this is your first time. This include all needed equipment, drinks, after surf cinnamon bun and your own private sauna.

Level: 1 - 3

Instructor/student ratio: 1:2-3

Price: 1.795 NOK per person

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PrivatE surf coaching (2 hrs)

Whether you are a beginner who wants to try surfing for the first time or an experienced surfer who wants to advance to the next level, a private surf lesson at Unstad would be the right choice. All needed equipment is included as well as hot and cold drinks. Don't forget to enjoy some time in the sauna after the surf.

Level: 1 - 3

Instructor/student ratio: 1:1

Price: 1.990 NOK per person

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Perfect setup for surfers who wants a tailor made surfing program. Our 2 day surf coaching will focus on your goals in surfing and take your surfing to another level. Please be sure to try out some of our high quality, world class surfboards.

Level: 1 - 3

Sessions: 3x coaching session.

Instructor/student ratio: 1:3

Price: 3.990,- NOK

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What is included?

  • Top range surf equipment from the worlds best suppliers.
  • Complimentary hot/cold beverages and snack.
  • Wardrobe, lockers and showers.
  • Aftersurf sauna.
  • Surf theory and safety awerness.
  • Comfortable transportation.
  • Surf the best surf spots for your surfing level.
  • Towels.


  • Photo package.
  • Solo Shoot.
  • Hot tub.
  • Transfer to/from airport.
  • Physioteherapist.
  • Meals.