Go to Unstad with your friends, classmates, colleagues or team, and experience the best way of bonding.

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What We Can Offer

Whether you are planning a bachelor party, incentive trip, corporate retreat or business meeting, Unstad Arctic Surf will handle every detail to ensure a professional and exciting experience. Combine physical activities (primarily surfing, of course) with social and educational content, and you have a great way for team building or just having fun.

Contact us for a tailored offer that suits your needs.  Special deal for students here.

Surf Instruction

Learn to surf:
Safety, understanding the waves, surf etiquette, paddling progression, the «pop up», catching waves, and how to surf the wave.

Surf Equipment

We only use the best equipment available. All of our wetsuits and boards are new, so that you stay warm during your surf session. The boards are designed to let you learn surfing quickly and easily. At Unstad, you also have the opportunity to test different types of boards while you are here.

Hot Stuff

Relax in our sauna/hot tub after some refreshing moments in the Atlantic surf.