Ski Photography & Touring 2024


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Ski Touring in the magic island of Lofoten

We have been working on this idea for many years, and finally we are ready to launch it. This collaboration is a game-changer, and we invite you to be part of this exclusive experience. Introducing our powerful collaboration with the renowned talents of Hans Kristian Krogh-Hanssen and the extraordinary expertise of Mountain Guide and photographer Sverre Hjelmeland! With a combined experience of over 40 years in mountaineering and ski photography, this dynamic duo is set to take your visual storytelling to new heights. Prepare to be captivated by Krogh Hanssen's remarkable skill as a proffesional photographer, garnering commercial and media recognition for over two decades. His artistry and eye for detail will elevate your knowledge on becoming a better photographer. Complementing Krogh Hanssen's expertise is the invaluable knowledge and experience of Sverre Hjelmeland, a certified IFMGA Mountain Guide with a remarkable 20-year track record in Norway and abroad. With an unrivaled understanding of Lofoten and its most photogenic mountain locations, Hjelmeland will unlock hidden gems and breathtaking landscapes for your visual exploration.


Tommy Olsen

Unstad Arctic Surf

Here is some of our "Reasons to Go":

  • Local and profesional guides in all elements.
  • Experience Lofoten through an authentic and traditional provider.
  • Accommodation and food with love for Lofoten.
  • Surf & Ski in the same day.

Unstad has a fantastic location in the middle of Lofoten, close to magnificent alpine peaks with a selection of slopes for all skill levels. And just a stone's throw outside the cabin door is Unstad Beach, with world-class waves.

Unstad Arctic Surf has high standards in both rooms, food, and spa facilities.

Experience level:

Ski | -the trip is suitable for those with intermediate to advanced experience in ski touring or splitboarding.  

Surf | - no or limited experience in surfing.

Photo | - limited experience.


Ski Photography & Touring 2024
  • Accommodation

    We stay in Unstad on Vestvågøy in Lofoten. Here, there is a very short distance to many of the best summit trips in Lofoten. Some of the relevant peaks are Blåtind, Eltofttua, Himmeltind, and Nappstind. We choose our trips based on the group's preferences, always considering the snow, surf, and weather conditions. You will stay in double rooms in either cabins, apartments, or beach houses. All accommodations are of high-quality standards.

    After a day of skiing or surfing, you can find a good selection of saunas and hot tubs at the camp

  • Equipment

    Here is a list of the equipment you will need for this trip:

    - All necessary surf equipment is available for you.

    Required but not included:
    - Skis/snowboard/splitboard, boots, and poles.
    - Helmet, Avalanche transceiver, probe, and shovel.
    - Ski tour clothing.
    - Camera. (There are no specific equipment requirements–your camera will work well. If you have a DSLR or interchangeable lens system camera, that's good.)
    - Personal toiletries, medication, indoor clothing.

    Recommended but not included:
    - Swimwear.
    - Bedding and towels are, of course, included.

  • Food

    We start the day with a delicious breakfast at UAS. After a brief update from the guide, we put on our skis or wetsuits. Our unique location provides easy access to both mountains and the ocean. The food at Unstad is a story in itself. With a focus on local ingredients, genuine culinary pleasure, and great taste, we are sure you will not be disappointed.

    • Personalized breakfast with homemade/fresh bread.
    • Coffee/tea upon request.
    • Packed lunch.
    • Unstad "style" 3-course dinner every evening.
    • The world's best cinnamon bun.
    Soda and alcoholic drinks not included.
  • Instruction

    TIMELINE 20 - 24 March 2024

    On Wednesday, we meet at 6:00 PM. We discussed the days, reviewed equipment, and prepared for the next day's ski tour and photo shoot. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will have toursfocused on photography in current conditions.

    The tour will depend on the weather, situations, and the group's wants. There will be short theory nights, photography discussions, and image displays. We will conclude on Sunday at a good time for those who want to go home.

    Based on the information from Wednesday's introduction evening and considering the weather/wave conditions, a tour in the Lofoten mountains is chosen. Our instructor is both local and possesses the highest expertise in skiing and photography. With a background as a Mountain Guide/IFMGA instructor, it ensures you a safe and educational experience. During the ascent to the summit, you will gain knowledge in the following areas:- choosing subjects and simple techniques that will quickly improve your tour and ski photos while providing some good stories and a lot of humor.


    This weekend, our priority is to have good ski conditions first and foremost. But if the waves become perfect, there's nothing holding us back from surfing a bit. We can both go skiing, touring, and surfing on the same day. Our surf guides will make you a better and more comfortable surfer, focusing on mastery and fun. We hope you'll have a fantastic weekend with us. All of our surf instructors are certified and have extensive experience in surfing. During the surfing sessions, we will focus on the following areas: board selection, assessment of wave conditions, and technique (paddling, positioning, take-off). We only operate with small groups, so the guest-to-guide/instructor ratio is always 6:1, both in the mountains and in the water.

    Safety is our top priority. Tommy Olsen (one of the owners) has over 20 years of experience in ambulance/emergency medicine and over 25 years of experience in surfing. The combination of knowledge, training, and culture allows us to provide activities with a high level of safety. We do our best to ensure that you, as our guest, feel well taken care of during your stay. All of our surf instructors have approved ISA surf education and regularly undergo first aid training. During our surf sessions, we keep our groups smaller than the standard, which provides you, as a customer, with a better and more tailored experience.

  • Other Activities

  • Transportation

    All transportation associated with surfing and skiing is included. We also arrange transfers to/from Leknes Airport.

    How to get to Unstad from Gardermoen?

    The easiest way is to fly to Bodø and then continue to Leknes. You can also take the Hurtigruten from Bodø to Stamsund. Another option is to fly to Evenes and rent a car to get to Lofote

    1. The easiest way is to fly to Bodø and then continue to Leknes.
    2. You can also take the Hurtigruten from Bodø to Stamsund.
    3. Another option is to fly to Evenes and rent a car to get to Lofoten.


Nok 33.000,-