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Surf coaching at UAS – All inclusive package

Our mission is to deliver a unique and unforgettable surf coaching arctic experience with exceptional attention to service, pedagogy, and safety. We really want to see our guests achieving their surfing dreams, getting independent and confident in the ocean; and of course, having fun.


Over the years we have developed a solid surf coaching system that will take our guests from total beginner to good intermediate surfers in 3 levels of surfing. Read more about our surf levels here.

Surfing is hard but we have broken down surfing into a network of precise but simple skills that applying them step by step and one after the other will enable to rapidly accelerate your surfing progress.

We definitely work hard for you to get the waves of your life and improve, but when we coach surfing we also want you to understand what we do and why we do it so you become an independent surfer being able to keep improving in the future without a surf coach.

Your surf coaches

Your surf experience will be conducted by professional surf coaches with many years of experience both teaching and coaching all ages and skill levels, so as professional watermen and -women, each provides unrivaled surf coaching.

They are more than just certified surf coaches. Their deep passion for what they do, their endless will to keep improving their service and the strong desire to help you achieve your surfing dreams will positively reflect on your surfing experience.

Of course, they are also all ISA certified instructors and first aid/CPR certified. In addition to that, they have completed a detailed training under our proven surf coaching system which will exponentially make your surfing progress easier and faster.

Smaller groups = Customized experience.

We keep the groups much smaller than the ISA(International Surfing Association) standard, allowing us to give you a customized surfing experience.

The surf coach/student ratio is:

2 or 3 surfers max. / 1 surf coach

In-water surf coaching sessions.

You will be in the water surfing literally for 2 h. (Just in the water, this does not include the beach time, surf theory and others). During this time you will be assisted and coached.The goal of every session for the surf coach is to get you a full productive time. A full productive time for us means to make you learn and progress as fast as possible, getting you the best waves of the session and teaching you how to become an independent surfer. In addition to this, they will make sure you have a fun but safer time!

Surf photographer and video-analysis.

The surf photographer will be shooting or filming you throughout your entire surfingexperience, either from land or from the water while the surf coach is in the water with you. This is a very important tool to analyze your surfing, take it to the next level and of course, get your experience on pictures and video so your memories last longer. After the water session, we will sit down and go through all the videos to check your weakest and strongest points, monitor your progression and set new goals. It goes without saying that you will be able to keep the footage with you so you can show your friends and family back home.

Surf theory and dry-land sessions.

Do not get scared! We will not do a cross-fit training session… not at all! This will be as important as your surfing time or video-analysis. Surfing can be hard, due to its relatively short practice time that you are actually surfing on the wave. Dry-land training solves this problem! Surfing specific body-movements, visualizations, breathing and pop-up practice on land are key factors to make your surfing improve exponentially.  Also, the customized but simple theory will make you easily understand complex and very important concepts that we will practice in the ocean.

Pristine surf location.

We are in Unstad bay, located in the heart of the Lofoten Islands, a secluded and beautiful archipelago within the Arctic Circle. The combination of dramatic mountains, open sea, untouched lands, and northern lights make this place unique and a rare surfing frontier.

Unstad bay consists of four main surf breaks that make it a world-class surf spot for all surfing levels, from friendly waves for beginners/intermediate to barreling and powerful waves for advanced surfers.

If the waves are too big in Unstad, no problem; these islands offer a variety of remote and more sheltered surf spots where we can find a more suitable wave for you. If we need to drive the whole day to get the best wave for your level of surfing, we do it. And this is included in the price.


Safety is our first priority. Tommy Olsen (one of the owners) has been working as a paramedic for over 20 years and he has been surfing for more than 25 years. Combining this experience and knowledge with our professional surf coaches has enabled us to deliver our service in the safest possible environment. We do our best for you to be and feel safe throughout your surfing experience.

Even though we believe that prevention is the best rescue, thanks to Tommy's ambition to keep improving, we practice and update ocean safety and rescue skills pretty often so we rest assured we know what to do in case anything would happen.

Local guide.

We do not operate with seasonal guides who tell the information from a written manual from the company.

We work with 2 local guides to enhance your whole experience so you get to know this place at a deeper level. They have lived in these islands around 20 years and they have been surfing over 25 years. With their warm and open personality, they will provide you endless local tips, extensive knowledge, and local history to make your trip more unique and authentic. It goes without saying that they know every hidden-surf gem that can be found around these Islands.

Other activities.

If you want to, you will not just surf. Lofoten offers a broad and exciting variety of other activities that will accentuate your whole experience with us during your down days (this is not included on the price):

  • Northern lights tours and photography workshops on shooting the northern lights.
  • Skiing/snowboarding remote mountains around these Islands.
  • Killer-whale watching.
  • Meet the Vikings. Travel back to the Viking age in the Viking museum. Smell the tar, taste the food, feel the history from over 1000 years ago.
  • Mountaineering/climbing.
  • Diving under the Norwegian arctic sea.
  • Sightseeing around Lofoten.

Even if it is not your surfing day off and you would like to go for one of the mentioned adventures after your surf coaching session, we can easily arrange this for you(this is not included in the price).


Airport transfer to/from Leknes airport.

All transfer to different surf spots.

If we need to drive the whole day to get the best wave for your level of surfing, we do it. And this is included in the price. If the waves are too big in Unstad, no problem; these islands offer a variety of remote and more sheltered surf spots where we can find a more suitable wave for you.

Boat transfer to other surf spots.  Some of the sheltered surf spots around these islands can just be accessed by boat. If the weather forecast allows, rest assured that you will explore this untouched coastline and discover these hidden gems.  


Surf Coaching

  • Accomodation

  • Equipment

  • food from the lofoten islands.

  • Instruction

  • Other Activities

  • Transportation

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