Surf, Ski & Sauna


The Arctic Surf Adventure

The dark months are a part of the constant change and beauty of the Lofoten Islands. December is ruled by darkness as the sun disappears under the horizon until she slowly returns back in January. The days grow longer in March, dusting light over white covered mountains and frozen landscape, whilst the Northern lights dance across the skies.

I have never surfed, snowboarded and SUP all in one day. "Intense overload of stimulation" is an understatement. - Tom Carroll

Our Arctic Surf Adventure is for those who love to surf, who want to to meet like-minded people whilst we share our favourite places on earth with you. You are sure to leave with a smile on your face, great memories, ride fun waves, have sore legs and earn a deeper knowledge of life in the arctic.

The Surf

March is one of the best months for surfing in Lofoten. A continous push of low pressure delivers good ground swell for the islands during the winter. The Lofoten Islands have various spots for every level of surfing, Unstad alone has fast and fun lefts, tubing right-handers and a fun beach break. Your very own surf guide will bring you to the fun and uncrowded waves, taking into consideration the wind, tide and swell conditions. We provide you with the best equipment, warm wetsuits and a wide selection of boards to choose from, you don't need to bring your own gear if you don't want to.

"Unstad right and beach breaks surprised me with their strenght. I especially wanted to ride the "garbage dump" left at the southern edge of the bay but it didn't turn on, maybe next time!" - Tom Carroll
Tom Carroll surfing Unstad.
Tom Carroll making his way out at Unstad left. (Photo: @bourkesteer)

The Ski & Snowboard

On the first day we woke up with the sun, enjoying a quick coffee and snack before we jumped in the water and got some fun waves on the right side of the bay. The trip revolves around the surf, so our priority is surf before ski. We lucked out with the conditions, this day was perfect for both. After a hearty breakfast, we headed up into the mountains with our skis and snowboards, getting some sun and powder turns in. The combination of the islands, sea, mountains, snow and waves makes for scenic back country skiing. Lofoten has one tiny chairlift, making the mountains our playground if touring is not an option. It is an exhilarating feeling, climbing up the mountain, summiting, taking some time to marvel at the spectacular views before descending and returning to the warmth of our cosy cabins and home-cooked meals.

“I have never hiked on splitboards before - always hit the resort with comfort of lifts or on a few trips heli boarding in New Zealand and USA. I learnt the saying “earn your turns” in the most friendly way with the privileged of having an awesome crew which made the challenge of hiking a pleasure on the day. It was exhilarating making the top of our chosen route and seeing the vertical drop on the other side of the mountain range. I can't believe I made it through those rocks!” - Tom Carroll
Tom Carroll splitboarding Lofoten.
Tom Carroll ascending a top near Unstad. (Photo: @bourkesteer)

The Sauna

The sauna is the perfect after-surf session if your limbs are feeling a little cold or just exhausted after many days of surfing and skiing. We even enjoyed a hot tub session underneath the Northern Lights, letting the arctic experience warm our bodies and soul. Evenings were spent sharing stories, delicious food - freshly caught cod, local lamb and warming stews whilst relaxing by the fire and planning the next days adventures.

Sauna with northern lights.
Sauna with a view. (Photo: UAS)

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