Chasing the light!


Are you ready for an extraordinary celestial show? If you've ever dreamt of witnessing the

mesmerizing dance of the Northern Lights, now is the opportune moment to pack your

bags and head to Unstad.

The Northern Lights, or Nordlys as we call it, follow an intriguing 11-year cycle, and we are

currently basking in the glow of the eleventh year—a period renowned for its spectacular

auroral displays. There will be fewer outbursts in the years to come.

Nordlys, a natural light display caused by the interaction of solar particles with Earth's

magnetic field, has enthusiasts and adventurers flocking to Arctic regions to witness its

breathtaking beauty. reports that the twelfth year of this cycle tends to bring

numerous powerful auroral outbursts. However, it's essential to note that this year marks

the pinnacle of solar activity is on the cusp of a transition.

A photo trip from 2018 promoting the new WV at Unstad. Photo: Kian Bourke Steer

Njål Gulbrandsen, a doctorate candidate in plasma physics at the University of Tromsø,

explains, "The peak is likely reached. The solar cycle is on its way down, but this is when

the outbursts are most intense. In the years to come, there will be fewer outbursts, but

they can be equally powerful."

Unstad Arctic Surf, situated in the Lofoten archipelago, offers an unparalleled chance

point to witness this celestial spectacle. As the solar cycle gradually descends, the

Northern Lights become a rarer but more potent occurrence. Picture yourself standing on

the shores of Unstad Beach, gazing upward as vibrant green, purple, and pink hues

illuminate the Arctic sky. The captivating reflections on the icy waters create a surreal

atmosphere that is simply magical.

Aside from the celestial wonders, Unstad Arctic Surf provides an ideal setting for a unique

Arctic experience. Known as one of the world's northernmost surf destinations, it attracts

surfers and nature enthusiasts alike. Imagine catching waves beneath the Northern Lights,

a once-in-a-lifetime fusion of adrenaline and celestial beauty.

Down at the beach at Unstad, chasing the lights!

Moreover, the decreasing solar activity signals a shift towards a quieter and more serene

Arctic atmosphere. While the previous years have been ablaze with solar flares, the next

decade promises a calmer, more re-Arctic environment—an excellent

opportunity for those seeking a tranquil escape amidst stunning natural landscapes.

Arctic light

As you plan your visit to Unstad Arctic Surf, remember that the window of opportunity is

narrowing. The upcoming years might see fewer occurrences of the Northern Lights,

making the current moment all the more precious. Embrace the enchanting dance of the

auroras, savor the unique surf culture, and relish the serene beauty of the Arctic

landscape. Unstad awaits, offering an unforgettable experience for those seeking the

perfect blend of adventure and celestial wonders.